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    Tips For Commercial And Industrial Businesses

    When Moving Into Existing Building Space


    • When evaluating a particular building space for your business, we recommend you ask the owner or leasing agent for a current copy of the building floor plans and the name of the design architect.  This may save time and money if you should need to make alterations.
    • Have you determined the zoning restrictions relating to your occupancy of the building?  If you are uncertain, we recommend you contact the Village Planner at (630)871-6233.
    • Is your design professional familiar with the Village’s requirements for building permits?  We recommend you obtain an informational packet, which includes a list of the local building codes and amendments, available for a fee at the Community Development Department or online at carolstream.org ; Departments & Services; Community Development.
    • Are there going to be any building, fire or zoning issues with your business going into the building space?  Can the space be occupied by your business without any alterations?  If you are uncertain about any of these questions, we recommend you have a building design professional  evaluate the space with respect to your business needs and the current building and zoning code requirements.
    • If alterations are required to the building, we recommend you consider the following:
      • Who will be responsible for the work?  We recommend your negotiations with the seller or landlord include such items as completion schedule and which party is     responsible for costs of alterations.
      • If you are leasing the space, we recommend you discuss the timing of the lease agreement.  Often there are a few weeks or months during which construction is taking place and rent is required.  You may be able to negotiate a reduced fee or no fees until the Certificate of Occupancy for remodeling is issued by the Village.
    • Is a Village business license required?  If you are uncertain, please contact our Village Clerk at (630)871-6451.



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