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    Permit Submittal Checklist and Process

    Note to applicants: 

    This handout is intended to assist applicants through the permit process for demolition work. All items listed under “items needed for a complete permit application” must be submitted. The applicant should review the “Helpful tips” for common project requirements. Please note that incomplete applications can cause processing delays. 

    Items needed for a complete permit application:

    □   A completed permit application as follows, depending on project type.

    • 1&2 Family Residential Demolition:  A completed Building Permit Application (Type C) is required.

    • Commercial, Industrial, Institutional And Multiple-Family Residential Major Demolition:  Major demolition refers to the demolition of a principal or accessory building, or demolition of structural building components.  A completed Building Permit Application (Type D) is required.

    • Commercial, Industrial, Institutional And Multiple-Family Residential Minor Demolition:  Minor demolition refers to the demolition of non-structural building components.  A completed Building Permit Application (Type E) is required.

    □   Plans showing the full extent of the demolition work and information regarding the proper disposal of materials.  Temporary structural support must be indicated where required, and must comply with applicable codes.  The number of plan sets to be submitted are as follows:

    • Two sets of plans for 1&2 Family Residential (Type C Application).

    • Four sets of the plans forCommercial, Industrial, Institutional And Multiple-Family Residential (Type D or Type E Application).

      □   A copy of the Plat of Survey or a Site Plan for the property is required for the demolition of principal or accessory structures.

      □   In the case of a Type D demolition permit involving the demolition of a principal structure, a Phase One environmental report is required in order to identify the presence of hazardous materials requiring additional agency coordination.

      □   The permit fee. The permit fees for demolition work covered by Type D permits are based on the extent of the work.  The permit fees for Type C and Type E permits are based on flat fees.  For detailed permit fee information, please obtain a copy of the informational handout for the appropriate fee schedule (C, D or E). An additional Engineering Preservation Bonds or Security Deposit may be required.

      □   A completed Demolition Permit Affidavit (copy attached). 

      Helpful tips:

      □Demolition work affecting utilities must be highlighted on the plans.  Such utilities must be properly disconnected as approved by the utility agency prior to commencement of demolition work.

      □ If contaminated or hazardous material is found during the course of the work, it must be disposed of properly in accordance with Federal regulations and Illinois EPA regulations. 

      Important Notification – Asbestos:

      □   Demolition and renovation work must comply with Federal Regulation 40CFR61.145, the National Emission Standard for Asbestos.  Attached are a copy of these regulations and other helpful information. 

      □   If it has been determined that regulated Asbestos-Containing Material (ACM) is present, the Village will not issue a demolition permit until 10 working days following the filing of a National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) notification form with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.   

      Inspections (24-hour advance notice required for inspection scheduling):

      □   The applicant or contractor must call the Community Development Department for a final inspection once the demolition work is complete.

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Community Development
    Department at (630) 871-6230 if you have any questions
    regarding the building permit or inspection process.



    Village of Carol Stream

    Demolition Permit Affidavit

    It is a requirement of the Village of Carol Stream’s process for issuance of a demolition or renovation permit that the permit applicant be notified of the obligation to comply with Federal Regulations and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) regulations for the disposition of contaminated or hazardous construction materials.  In particular, the permit applicant is notified that if asbestos is present, the applicant must file a NESHAP notification form with the IEPA.


    The purpose of this affidavit is to confirm that the permit applicant has been notified of his or her obligation to comply with federal regulations prior to the issuance of a permit for demolition.  By signing this affidavit, the permit applicant certifies that he or she has been notified of these requirements.


    Additional information is available on the IEPA’s website at  www.epa.state.il.us.




    Street Address of Proposed Demolition: ________________________________, Carol Stream, IL 60188.



    I, ______________________________(print name), hereby certify that I have been informed of my obligation to comply with federal, state and local requirements associated with contaminated or hazardous construction materials; that I have been informed of my obligation to file a NESHAP notification form with the IEPA in the event the demolition work is regulated under Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations; that all information I have given herein is correct; and that all applicable Village codes and ordinances, State laws and Federal laws will be complied with in performing the work for which this permit application is made.  By signing this affidavit I hereby consent that I am responsible for all requirements (federal, state and local) as a condition of my permit.



    __________________________________________                _______________________

    Signature of Applicant                                                                                             Date


    STATE OF ILLINOIS                     )

    COUNTY OF DU PAGE                  ) SS


    I, the undersigned, a Notary public in and for said County, in the State aforesaid, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that ___________________________, appeared before me this day in person, and executed this affidavit.


    Given under my hand and official seal, this ________day of _______________________, 20_____.


    My Commission expires ________________________________.





    500 North Gary Avenue | Carol Stream, Illinois 60188 | Phone: (630) 665-7050 | TDD: (630) 668-5785 | Fax: (630) 665-1064