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    The process of obtaining approval for connection of a residential property to Carol Stream's water distribution system is a two-step process.  The first step is the execution of a preannexation agreement by the property owners and the Village, and this step requires approval of the agreement by the Carol Stream Village Board after a public hearing.  The Village staff will schedule the required public hearing, place the required legal notice in the newspaper, and bring the agreement to the Village Board for approval.  Village staff will notify you when your application is scheduled for public hearing before the Village Board.  You should plan on attending the public hearing, which will take place at 7:30 pm on the first or third Monday of the month at the Gregory J. Bielawski Municipal Center, 500 N. Gary Avenue.

    To avoid delays and confusion during the preannexation agreement process, it is suggested that all applicants closely read the enclosed materials and contact the Community Development Department staff with any questions that may arise.

    The following items are enclosed:

    General Application for Public Hearing – Preannexation Agreement

    This application, along with all required documentation and the required application fee, must be submitted in order to initiate the public hearing process for approval of a preannexation agreement.

    Informational Handout – Submittal Checklist and Process for Building Permit

    The second step in the process of obtaining approval for connection of a residential property to Carol Stream’s water distribution system is the issuance of a building permit for service connection.  This handout provides information to assist applicants through the process of obtaining a building permit.  As noted above, the process of obtaining a building permit is separate from the preannexation public hearing process.  A building permit can only be approved after execution of a preannexation agreement between the property owners and the Village of Carol Stream.

    If you have any questions regarding the procedures, ordinances or requirements of the Village of Carol Stream, you may contact the following persons for assistance:

    Robert J. Glees, Community Development Director………………         630.871.6230

    Donald T. Bastian, Assistant Community Development Director...         630.871.6230


    Click here for the entire packet including the application


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