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  • Each year, the Village registers vehicles, trucks, motorcycles owned by residents and business owners that are housed over night in the community.


    In 2007, approximately 24,500 motorized vehicles were registered with the Village.

    A significant source of hazardous waste comes from vehicle and truck maintenance and to this end, the State of Illinois requires all vehicle and truck maintenance businesses to accept for free or a nominal fee (tires) used automotive fluids or replacements parts and components that contain hazardous wastes such as batteries.

    Last year the Village recycled 535 gallons of oil, 427 oil filters, 60 batteries and 205 tires while in the process of maintaining its fleet of vehicles!

    All batteries that are replaced in Village vehicles are recycled through our battery vendor. In 2007, the Village recycled 60 automotive batteries.

    Follow this link for more information on Battery Recycling

    Also, check out DuPage County's recycling website

    The Village encourages residents and business owners who perform fluid and lube service on their own cars or vehicle fleet to lawfully dispose of hazardous waste at local repair and vehicle/truck maintenance shops.

    AutoZone is dedicated to protecting the environment by providing drivers with a safe and easy way to dispose of used fluids. Every AutoZone store accepts FREE of CHARGE used batteries for recycling as well as used motor oil and transmission fluid ONLY during business hours. Carol Stream has two AutoZone stores where residents can go to recycle

    Central Park Shopping Plaza East Northland Mall
    590 W Army Trail Rd 535 S. Schmale Rd
    By Lowe's Home Improvement by Home Depot
    (630) 665-5622 (630) 871-6472

    In addition to AutoZone, Lube Pros of Carol Stream also accepts FREE of CHARGE used motor oil and transmission fluid ONLY during business hours.

    Merlin 200,000 Mile Shops Goodyear Tire & Service Center
    852 W. Army Trail Rd. 980 West Army Trail Road
    (630) 372-2280 (630) 830-5900
    Heritage Plaza County Farm Plaza
    Accepts for Recycling Accepts for Recycling:
    Tires - $3.00/ea. Tires - $2.50/ea.
    Auto/Small Truck Battery Auto/Small Truck Battery
    Used Motor Oil Used Motor Oil
    Transmission Fluid Transmission Fluid
    Anti-Freeze Anti-Freeze

    Used Tire Recycling Event

    September 19 -20, 2008
    8 am - 3 pm
    Will County Land Use Dept.
    800 University Parkway
    University Park, IL.

    Waste tires are collected at these events free of charge. However, participants must sign an agreement stating they will not accumulate waste tires in the future and that they have no waste tires remaining on their property. Future accumulation of used and waste tires is a violation of environmental law. The Agency advises motorists purchasing new tires to leave their used tires with their retailer, who must, by law, accept used tires for recycling.

    Illinois residents may participate by bringing waste tires to the designated collection points during the dates indicated. The maximum number of tires any individual may bring is 1,000. Those who have participated in previous collections are ineligible. No tires will be accepted from companies that generate used tires in the normal course of business operations (i.e. commercial trucking companies, tire retailers, etc.). Car, truck and tractor tires will be accepted, but not large industrial or off-road tires.

    Also, you may want to check out the Illinois EPA Waste Tire collection page at :


    For more information about the Village Garage operations, contact our Public Works Department at (630)871-6260 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    For more information for our residents and businesses, contact our Administration Department at (630)871-6250 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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