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  • Below are some helpful reuse and recycling tips to better manage use of latex paint.

    • When painting a room, buy the necessary amount needed for the project - look beyond what is on sale.
    • Save left over paint in a glass jar that leaves almost no air space, and keep the paint for touch ups.
    • Then, label the jar for which room the paint was used, or keep in the room itself, to ensure the correct paint will be used in the same room.
    • Do not store paint in the garage.  Once frozen, it is not reusable.
    • Left over unusable latex paint should be consolidated into one container and dried with cat litter, sawdust or another absorbent material (ie. oil absorbent).
    • Once the paint is completely dry, it can be put out with regular garbage curbside pickup.  Be sure to remove the lid on the paint can, so the waste hauler/driver can see that the paint is dry.  Some haulers will not take the dried paint, unless the lid is off.
    • For a small fee, Ziegler Ace Hardware located at 806 W. Army Trl. Rd. in the Heritage Plaza Shopping Center collects latex paint to be re-blended and recycled into new latex paint during regular store hours.  Their fee schedule is as follows:

    $8.00/5-gallon bucket

    For additional information on latex paint recycling, visit www.dupageco.org/recycling, then click on Recycling - Latex Paint Recycling.

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