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  • The Village has a yearly program where its wetlands, native prairie buffers and ponds are inspected and evaluated to determine the appropriate maintenance strategy to be applied.

    Wetlands serve a vital purpose by storing and filtering storm water runoff. They generally include swamps, bogs, marshes, fens and similar areas. Wetlands are areas that consist of certain soils, plant species and hydrology that make them unique. Wetlands are areas that have hydric soils which are saturated by ground water at a frequency that allows vegetation that is specifically adapted for life in saturated soils.

    For more information you may wish to visit the:
    DuPage County Wetlands and Streams website, or view information on
    Living with Wetlands, A Handbook for Homeowners in Northeastern Illinois .

    Several maintenance strategies are utilized for Wetlands, Native Prairies and ponds including mowing, selective cutting, herbiciding, weeding, prescribed burns, trash removal, reseeding and replanting.

    Mowings, cuttings, herbiciding, weeding and burns are used to control the invasive species from over taking the native plants. Reseeding and replanting are sometimes employed to restore damaged areas or replace unwanted plants. Sites with large amounts of debris can also be targeted for trash removal.

    Please call the Village of Carol Stream Engineering Department at (630)871-6260 if you have any questions or want more information, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    To learn more about the Village's Native Plantings click here for a message from Jim with The Conservation Foundation. 

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