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  • The Village will automatically establish a new resident’s water account upon their new home’s transfer of ownership.  Water consumption is metered and billed monthly while sewer service is billed monthly based on monthly water use.  An average residential household consumes approximately 7,000 gallons of water each month.  The Village offers several means by which a resident can pay their monthly water/sewer bill.  The Village offers an electronic funds transfer payment option (ACH) called Stream-line Pay and an Internet payment option called e-Stream, both accessed via the Village’s website www. carolstream.org.  Residents may also pay their bill in person, deposit their payment in the night depository box located in the Village Hall west parking lot or mail their payment by utilizing the self-address return envelop that is included in the water bill.  Payments received after the 20th of the month are assessed a 10% late fee that is applied to the next bill.

    To obtain the "Stream" -Line Pay form required to authorize automatic payment of your water bill by your bank click on the following link Stream Line Pay

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