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    Permit Submittal Checklist and Process

    Residential Garage - Attached

    Note to applicants: 

    This handout is intended to assist applicants through the permit process for a residential attached garage project. All items listed under “items needed for a complete permit application” must be submitted. The applicant should review the “Helpful tips” for common project requirements. Please note that incomplete applications can cause processing delays. 

    Items needed for a complete permit application:

    □A completed 1&2 Family Residential Building Permit Application (Type B).

    □ Two copies of the Plat of Survey showing all existing structures, with dimensions, plus the proposed attached garage with dimensions and distances from lot lines, drawn to scale.

    □Two sets of the plans for the proposed work. Depending on the nature of the project, the plans may need to be prepared by and have the seal and signature of a design professional registered with the State of Illinois. Community Development Department staff will make this determination. See the “Helpful tips” section below for project requirements and a description of the information that must be provided on the plans.

    □ A copy of the existing and proposed electrical panel schedule along with the ratings for all circuit breakers, including the main breaker. See the “Helpful tips” section below for more detail regarding the specific electrical panel information that is required.

    □ A copy of the specifications for garage heater, including the BTUH rating, if applicable.

    □ A copy of the electrical contractor’s license (not required if homeowner is doing the electrical work).

    □   The permit fee, consisting of four components: Clerical, Plan Review, Development Services and Inspections. The Clerical and Plan Review Fees are due at time of permit application, and the Development Services and Inspections Fees are due at time of permit issuance. For detailed permit fee information, please obtain a copy of Fee Schedule B for 1&2 Family Residential Additions, Alterations and Accessory Structures at the Community Development Department counter or from our website. In addition, a $200 Parkway Preservation Bond must be submitted. Village staff will inspect the condition of the parkway prior to permit issuance and again following construction. If no damage is done to the public right-of-way during construction, the Parkway Preservation Bond will be refunded after the final inspection. 

    Helpful tips:

    □The plans and information submitted must comply with the requirements of the 2012 International Residential Code,2014 National Electrical Code,Illinois State Energy Code, and the Village’s adopted local amendments thereto. Two sets of plans, drawn to scale, including plan view and elevation view drawings, must be submitted. The plans must be sufficiently detailed and dimensioned so as to clearly show the scope of work, and must include information as to the size and type of materials proposed to be used. The plans and information must indicate the following (if applicable based upon your specific project):

    • The location and manufacturer’s specifications of the garage heater, if applicable.

    • The location of electrical switches, receptacles (outlets) and light fixtures.

    • The amperage rating of existing and proposed circuits in the electrical panel.

    • Information regarding new windows and doors, including dimensions.

    • The door to the house must have a 20 minute fire rating and be self-closing.

    • The garage floor must have a minimum slope from front to back of 2 inches for drainage.

    • Walls and ceiling adjacent to living and attic spaces are to have a minimum 1/2 inch drywall. 5/8 inch drywall is required if living space is above garage.

    • Any gas ignition source must be a minimum of 18 inches above the garage floor and protected from vehicle impact.

    • A 6 inch gas curb is required along any living space. Typically this is installed with the concrete floor.

    • All penetrations to the living space must be sealed with a fire-stop material.

      □  Footings and foundations are required to be a minimum of 42 inches below grade. Plans must show details as to how new foundation will be attached to the existing foundation.

      □   Concrete floors are to have a minimum 4” gravel base course, a 6-mil vapor barrier, and a minimum 3.5 inch concrete slab. 

      □   A switch controlled light fixture is required at each doorway.

      □   A minimum of 1 GFCI receptacle must be provided (not including garage door opener receptacle).

      □   Electrical circuits serving receptacles in garages must be protected with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). All electrical receptacles must be tamper resistant.

      □ All exterior walls of the finished/conditioned space are required to have a minimum of R-20 insulation. Ceilings of the finished/conditioned space are required to have a minimum of R-49 insulation. Ceilings with a finished/conditioned space above are required to have a minimum R-30 insulation. Attic accesses, if provided, are also required to be sealed.

      Inspections (24-hour advance notice required for inspection scheduling):

      □ The applicant or contractor must call the Community Development Department for a concrete pre-pour inspection once the forms have been placed but before the concrete is poured. (A backfill inspection may also be required depending on project design.)

      □   The applicant or contractor must call the Community Development Department for a rough inspection of electrical and framing work before such work is covered.

      □   The applicant or contractor must call the Community Development Department for an insulation inspection, if applicable,after the above rough inspections and before drywall is installed.

      □   The applicant or contractor must call the Community Development Department for a final building inspection once construction is complete and before occupancy or use.

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Community Development
    Department at (630) 871-6230 if you have any questions
    regarding the building permit or inspection process. 



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