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    Permit Submittal Checklist and Process
    Central Air Conditioning Systems

    Note to applicants:

    This handout is intended to assist applicants through the central air conditioning system permit process. All items listed under “items needed for a complete permit application” must be submitted. The applicant should review the “helpful tips” for common project requirements. Please note that incomplete applications can cause processing delays.

    Items needed for a complete permit application:

    A completed Miscellaneous Residential Construction Permit Application (Type C).

    Two copies of your Plat of Survey, drawn to scale, showing the proposed location of the air conditioning equipment.

    The air conditioning systems permit fee of $64, payable when application is submitted.

    If the work is for the installation of a central air conditioning system in a home that did not previously have central air conditioning, a copy of the electrician’s license must be submitted, unless the work is being done by the homeowner.

    Helpful tips:

    Air conditioning equipment cannot be located in an easement. Please check your Plat of Survey to identify easement locations on your property.

    Air conditioning equipment cannot project more than four feet into the side yard. Please indicate the proposed air conditioning equipment location on your Plat of Survey, including the distances from property line(s).

    For corner lots, if possible, air conditioning equipment should be located in the interior side yard, which is the side yard not adjacent to the street. If the air conditioning equipment must be located in the side yard adjacent to the street, the equipment will need to be screened with decorative fencing, evergreen shrubs or other suitable material on all sides of the equipment visible from the street. Shrubs need to be a minimum of 30 inches in height at the time of installation, and there should be no significant gaps between shrubs other than to allow access to the equipment for servicing.

    All central air conditioning equipment installations need to conform to the Carol Stream Zoning Code provisions related to the location of air conditioning equipment, the 2008 National Electrical Code, and all other codes, as applicable. Please be sure to verify that the electric circuit breaker is properly sized for the new equipment.

    Inspections (24-hour advance notice required for inspection scheduling):

    Following receipt of the permit, the equipment should be installed in accordance with the approved plans. Once the work is complete, the applicant or contractor must call the Community Development Department as soon as possible to arrange for a final inspection. Please note the following:

    • The inspector will need access to the interior of the home to view the electrical service panel.
    • The screening required for air conditioning equipment located in a corner side yard (as identified in the “Helpful tips”) must be installed prior to the final inspection.


    Please do not hesitate to contact the Community Development

    Department at (630) 871-6230 if you have any questions

    regarding the building permit or inspection process.

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