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    NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: This informational handout has been prepared to assist applicants through the Easement Encroachment Process. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

    1.    The following items will need to be submitted for a complete application:

    • One signed and dated Easement Encroachment Application (Form F);
    • Application fee: $300.00;
    • Plat of Survey with legal description depicting the location of all structures on the property including setbacks from property lines. The structure or proposed structure that is the subject of the easement encroachment application also needs to be shown on the Plat, with dimensions provided. The easement that the applicant is requesting to encroach within must be clearly labeled on the Plat;
    • A cover letter addressed to the Mayor and Village Board of Trustees introducing yourself and explaining the details of the request. The cover letter should include a justification of the need to encroach within the easement as opposed to placing the structure elsewhere on the property. The letter should demonstrate that all other options have been considered and rejected as unreasonable;
    • For requests involving Public Utility Easements – If the easement being encroached upon is a public utility easement, you will need to provide the Village with letters from each of the four utility companies (ComEd, NICOR, AT&T and Comcast) in which they indicate no objection to your request. You will need to make your request in writing and include a copy of your plat of survey in your transmittal to the utility companies (addresses are provided on the attached sheet). A copy of the letters you send to the utility companies must be included with your application. It usually takes approximately six to eight weeks for the utility companies to respond, so your application will be put on hold until you have received all four letters from the utility companies. Once you have received the letters from the utility companies, submit copies of the letters to the Community Development Department. Staff will then begin processing your application as indicated below.

    2.    Once the required application materials and fee are submitted to the Community Development Department, the applicant will be mailed a copy of the Terms of Approval Letter. The Terms of Approval Letter must be signed, copied for your own records, and returned to the Community Development Department prior to your request being scheduled for Village Board consideration.

    3.    Community Development Department staff will transmit your Plat of Survey to the Director of Engineering Services and Public Works Director for their review and comment.

    4.    Once the Director of Engineering Services and Public Works Director have provided their written commentary to the Community Development Department, staff will prepare a memo to the Village Manager asking that your request be placed on an upcoming Village Board agenda. This will not be done until the signed Terms of Approval Letter has been returned to the Community Development Department. Please note that the standard Terms of Approval requires the property owner to indemnify and hold harmless the Village from and for any and all claims for damages to real and personal property and injuries to or death suffered by persons by reason of the installation, maintenance, repair, or operation of the improvement or any other encroachment in the Easement. The Owner will also be required to add the Village of Carol Stream to its property insurance policy as an additional insured covered thereunder.

    5.    The request will be placed on a Village Board agenda. Community Development Department staff will notify you of the date of the meeting. Meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Village Board room in the Village Hall. The applicant will need to be present to answer any questions that the Board members may have.

    If the Village Board approves your request, a building permit must still be obtained for the structure.

    If you have any questions regarding the Easement Encroachment Process,
    please contact the Community Development Department.
    Phone: (630) 871-6230 or Fax: (630) 665-1064
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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