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    NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: This informational handout has been prepared to assist applicants through the Planned Unit Development (PUD) process. Incomplete applications will not be processed; please refer to the items listed in Section 1 below for the required documents and plans.

    1.    The following items are required for a complete PUD application:

    • One signed and dated General Application (Form A);
    • For applications seeking approval of a Preliminary Planned Unit Development Plan, one completed Special Use Application (Form C);
    • Plat of Survey with Legal Description;
    • Eight full sized copies and one reduced 11 x 17 inch copy of the Preliminary, Preliminary/Final or Final PUD Plan depicting existing structures, proposed structures, building additions, parking spaces, and set-backs from lot lines to such improvements. For other information required on a PUD Plan, please consult Section 16-16-3.D of the Zoning Code. The PUD Plan should be fully dimensioned and must be drawn to scale;
    • Eight full sized copies and one reduced 11 x 17 inch copy of the Landscape Plan depicting the type, location, number and size of the proposed landscape materials to be installed throughout the development. Specific landscaping standards for Commercial PUDs are contained within Section 16-16-8.E of the Zoning Code;
    • Eight full sized copies and one reduced 11 x 17 inch copy of the building elevations. The elevations should clearly indicate the proposed building materials, the color of the building materials and the height of the structure(s);
    • Eight full sized copies and one reduced 11 x 17 inch copy of the interior floor plan;
    • Cover letter addressed to the Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals, introducing yourself and explaining the details of your request;
    • Application fees:     
      • $500 for a minor change to an existing PUD
      • $1,000 for a major change to an existing PUD
      • $1,500 for a new PUD
    • Proof of property ownership or consent letter from the property owner.  Proof of ownership can take the form of a photocopied tax bill, property insurance policy bill or deed. Property owner letters of consent need to be notarized by a registered Notary Public;
    • Other documents, such as a traffic study or tax impact study, may be requested by staff or the Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals.

    Note: Applicants of the Village’s Planned Unit Development process may be required to apply to the Kane-DuPage Soil & Water Conservation District for a Land Use Opinion Report. Please consult Kane-DuPage Soil & Water Conservation District’s website at http://kanedupageswcd.org/ and click on “Land Use Opinion Forms and Fees” at the lower right hand corner of the page, or call KDSWCD at 630/584-7961, Ext. 3.

    2.    Village staff will review the Planned Unit Development submittal. The applicant may need to revise the plans depending on the review comments generated.

    3.    The Village will prepare and publish a Public Hearing Notice in a local newspaper not more than 30 days nor less than 15 days prior to the public hearing.

    4.    The Village will send the Public Hearing Notice to all property owners of record surrounding the subject property not more than 30 days nor less than 15 days prior to the public hearing.

    5.    The application, supporting documentation, Public Hearing Notice and staff report are sent to the PC/ZBA prior to the meeting. The applicant will receive a copy of the staff report by e-mail on the Friday prior to the Monday evening meeting.

    6.    The PC/ZBA holds the Public Hearing regarding the application for Planned Unit Development on the second or fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room at the Village Hall. The applicant or his/her representative(s) is required to make a presentation regarding the proposal to the PC/ZBA.

    7.    The order of business for a Public Hearing is as follows:  

    a.    PC/ZBA Chairman will announce the agenda item
    b.    Applicant will step forward to the podium and will be sworn in
    c.    Applicant will give presentation
    d.    Public Hearing testimony accepted
    e.    Rebuttal and summarization by applicant
    f.    Staff presentation
    g.    PC/ZBA questions and discussion
    h.    Motion made by PC/ZBA
    i.    PC/ZBA vote and recommendation

    8.    The PC/ZBA recommendation will be based upon the objectives for a PUD Plan contained within Section 16-16-1.C of the Zoning Code. 

    9.    The PC/ZBA recommendation can be for approval of the Planned Unit Development, approval subject to conditions, denial, or the PC/ZBA can continue the case to a future meeting for further discussion. The PC/ZBA vote serves as a recommendation only, as the Village Board renders the final vote.

    10.    The applicant is required to attend the Village Board meeting during which a final vote on the request will be made. The Village Board meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Board Room at the Village Hall.  Depending on the nature of the request, a presentation to the Board may be required; Community Development Department staff can assist in determining whether a presentation will be necessary.

    Note:    If your application is for approval of a Preliminary Planned Unit Development Plan, then subsequent approval of a Final Planned Unit Development Plan will be necessary before the Community Development Department will be able to issue any building permits for construction. The Final Planned Unit Development Plan approval process is similar to the Preliminary Planned Unit Development process, but there are some differences in the submittal requirements. Please contact Community Development Department staff for further information regarding the application and submittal requirements for projects involving only Final Planned Unit Development Plan approval.

    If you have any questions regarding the Planned Unit Development
    process, please contact the Community Development Department.
    Phone: (630) 871-6230 or Fax: (630) 665-1064
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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