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    Permit Submittal Checklist and Process

    Temporary Banners and Grand Opening Signs

    (not including banners installed by governmental agencies and not-for-profit organizations)


    Note to applicants:

    This handout is intended to assist applicants through the permit processes for temporary banners and grand opening signs. All items listed under “items needed for a complete permit application” must be submitted. The applicant should review the “helpful tips” for common project requirements. Please note that incomplete applications can cause processing delays.

    Items needed for a complete permit application:

    A completed Miscellaneous Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Multiple-Family Residential Construction Permit Application (Type E).

    A completed Sign Permit Data Sheet with information regarding the proposed sign(s).

    Two copies of a drawing of the proposed banner(s), including the exact dimensions, location(s) where the banner(s) will be installed, and proposed text that the banner(s) will contain.

    The temporary banner sign permit fee of $90, payable when permit application is submitted. In cases in which multiple banners are allowed to be displayed concurrently, the permit fee for each additional banner after the first banner is $10.

    Helpful tips – Temporary banners:

    The following requirements apply to temporary banner signs:

    • Banners must be securely attached to the building. Banners may not be attached to ground signs, posts, utility poles, traffic control signs, trees or vehicles.
    • One banner per street frontage is allowed. Properties with frontage on multiple public streets may have a banner facing each public street.
    • Temporary banners may be a maximum of 32 square feet in area.
    • A maximum of four temporary banner permits can be issued per calendar year.
    • Temporary banners may be displayed on a property for a total of eight weeks per calendar year. It is the applicant’s choice as to how to allocate the eight weeks of banner display among the four banner permits that may be issued each calendar year.
    • The applicant must indicate the number of weeks that the banner will be displayed on the Sign Permit Data Sheet. The banner may be installed on the date that the permit is issued. Community Development Department staff will inspect the property the day after the permit expires to verify that the banner has been removed.
    • An individual banner permit can be valid for a maximum of four weeks. The Village will issue banner permits for consecutive events, for example, two back-to-back four week banner displays; however, the applicant would need to submit a new permit application form and permit fee for the second four week period.


    Helpful tips – Business grand opening signs:

    The following requirements apply to temporary signs for a business grand opening:

    Permit application must be submitted within two months of the business opening.

    One banner per street frontage, not to exceed 32 square feet in area, may be displayed for a maximum of four weeks. A banner installed for a grand opening event does not count toward the standard banner permit allowance for a property (up to four permits and a total of eight weeks of display per calendar year).

    Grand opening banners may be attached to a building or to posts. If attached to posts, the applicant must submit a site plan showing the location on the property where the posts and banner will be installed. Banners affixed to posts must also comply with the following regulations:
    • The posts must be set back at least five feet from all property lines;
    • The posts may not be installed within the 25-foot sight distance triangle;
    • Before installation of the posts, the applicant must arrange to have JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) mark the location of buried utilities on the property. JULIE can be reached by dialing 811 or 800-892-0123;
    • Posts must be installed to a depth of at least 30 inches into the ground and must remain perpendicular to the ground for the duration of the banner display event;
    • Banners must be maintained in good condition, must not hang loosely, must maintain 18 inches of clearance above the ground, and must remain securely affixed to the posts for the duration of the banner display event;
    • Posts or aboveground supports must be removed when the banner is removed.

    In addition to the above-noted grand opening banner, a new business opening in a single-tenant building may install pennants, no greater than 18 inches in length, suspended to a rope, wire or string, between each light pole on the property, for a period not to exceed four weeks.

    Please contact the Community Development Department with any questions.


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