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  • Plan Commission / Zoning Board of Appeals Full Agenda


    I.                        Roll Call:   Present:



    II.                        Previous Minutes: Minutes of June 13, 2011


    III.                        Public Hearing:


    A. 11115

    Direct Import Home Decor - 1175 N. Gary Avenue

    Special Use Permit - Planned Unit Development, Shopping Center and Retail and Wholesale Sales and Display Rooms and Distribution Facilities

    Preliminary/Final Planned Unit Development Plan

    Gary Avenue Corridor Review

    Sign Code Variations - Ground Signs

    B. 11154


    Northern Builders / Temple Inland Corporation - 139 Fullerton Avenue

    Special Use - Outdoor Activities and Operations

    Variation - Land Banked Parking

    Gary Avenue Corridor Review

    IV.                    Presentation:

    A. 11151

    McDonalds USA, LLC - 355 S. Schmale Road

    Final Plat of Subdivision

    V.                       Old Business:



    VI.                    New Business:




    VII.                  Report of Officers:



    VIII.               Adjournment:




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