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    Permit Submittal Checklist and Process
    Donation Drop Boxes

    Note to applicants:

    This handout is intended to assist applicants through the permit process for placement of one or more donation drop boxes. All items listed under “Items needed for a complete permit application” must be submitted. The applicant should review the “Helpful tips” for common project requirements. Please note that incomplete applications can cause processing delays. 

    Required zoning:

    Donation drop boxes are permitted as accessory structures in the B-1, B-2 and B-3 Zoning Districts or on properties occupied by an educational, religious, governmental or charitable use. The property must contain an existing allowable principal use.   

    Items needed for a complete permit application:

    □   A completed Building Permit Application (Type E).

    □   Two copies of the Plat of Survey showing all existing structures plus the proposed donation drop box(es) with applicable dimensions and distances from lot lines, drawn to scale.

    □  Two sets of plans, details and specifications for the donation drop box(es), including the dimensions (height, width, depth) of the box(es), elevations, configuration, and any additional information that may be requested by the Building Code Official. See the “Helpful tips” section below for project requirements.

    □   Proof of ownership or a completed and executed Affidavit of Property Owner Authorization (copy attached).

    □   The donation drop box permit fee of $170, payable when application is submitted.

    Helpful tips:

    □   Permit documents.  The plans and information submitted must comply with the requirements of the codes and ordinances of the Village of Carol Stream. Two sets of plans and details, drawn to scale, must be submitted.  The permit submittal must include all relevant information, and must be sufficiently detailed and dimensioned so as to clearly show the scope of work and demonstrate that the locational and informational requirements of the Zoning Code will be met.

    □   Allowable number of boxes.  No more than two donation drop boxes are allowed on a zoning lot less than two acres in size.  No more than three boxes are allowed on a zoning lot equal to or greater than two acres in size.

    □   Allowable size.  A donation drop box must not exceed seven feet in height or twenty-five square feet in ground area.

    □   Location

    • Must be located on a parking lot or other paved surface.  Must not be located in a designated driveway or drive aisle, and must not reduce the width of paved clear space for the passage of pedestrians to less than five feet.  Must not be located in such a way as to disrupt the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.  

    • Must not be located nearer than 20 feet from a property line adjoining a street (other restrictions may apply).

    • Must not be located nearer than five feet from a fire hydrant or fire protection system connection. 

    • Boxes must not occupy or otherwise inhibit the use of any parking spaces required to meet the parking space requirements for the uses on the property.

    • All donation drop boxes on any given lot must be located adjacent to one another.

    □   Business Registration Requirements. The owner/operator of the donation drop box(es) must register the business with the Village of Carol Stream prior to issuance of final inspection approval.

    □   Other considerations

    • The plans must specify that a notice will be permanently affixed to each box in a highly visible location prohibiting the placement of items outside of the box.  The name and 24-hour telephone number of the owner/operator must be permanently affixed to each box.

    • Signage on a donation drop box must pertain only to the owner/operator of that box.

    • Donation drop boxes are permitted to be located within the Gary Avenue or North Avenue Corridors; however, boxes located within those corridors must be screened from view from public ways with materials identical to or strongly similar to building materials or by heavy landscaping that will be effective in winter, or else must be located so as not to be visible from any public ways. 

    Inspections (24-hour advance notice required for inspection scheduling).

    □   The applicant or contractor must call the Community Development Department for a final inspection once the donation drop box installation is complete and before use.

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Community Development
    Department at (630) 871-6230 if you have any questions
    regarding the building permit or inspection process. 



    Affidavit of Property Owner Authorization


    Donation Drop Box Permit


    This affidavit certifies that the donation drop box owner/operator listed below has been granted authorization from the owner of the property listed below to obtain a building permit for the placement of one or more donation drop boxes on that property.  This form must be notarized and must be submitted prior to issuance of a building permit.  Copies of affidavits are not acceptable.



    I, _________________________________________, owner of the property listed below, certify that I

    Property owner

    have granted ______________________________________________ permission to obtain the permit

    Donation drop box owner/operator

    necessary for the installation of one or more donation drop boxes at the following address:






    Property address


    I understand that, as the owner of the listed property, I am responsible for the compliance of said property with the codes and ordinances of the Village of Carol Stream, and that the failure of the owner/operator of any donation drop box legally located on my property to correct violations of said codes and ordinances may result in the issuance of citations to the drop box owner/operator and also to me, the property owner, requiring an appearance in DuPage County Court.



    __________________________________________                _______________________

    Signature of property owner                                                                         Date



    STATE OF ILLINOIS                     )

    COUNTY OF DU PAGE                  ) SS


    I, the undersigned, a Notary public in and for said County, in the State aforesaid, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that ___________________________, appeared before me this day in person, and executed this affidavit.


    Given under my hand and official seal, this _________ day of _________________, 20_____


    My Commission expires ___________________________





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