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  • “Stream”- Line Pay is our payment service that makes it more convenient for you to pay your monthly water and sewer payments to the Village of Carol Stream. With today’s hectic lifestyle, we were looking for a way to ease the burden of getting your monthly payment to us. That’s when we discovered “Stream”- Line Pay.

    How does it work? Your monthly payment is automatically taken from the account you authorize the bank to use, and the money is directly credited to your water and sewer account at the Village of Carol Stream on the 19th of each month. You’ll continue to receive a statement for your records, but you won’t have to respond. “Stream”- Line Pay will do it for you.

    The Village of Carol Stream is authorized only to receive the amount of money that is due on your monthly water and sewer billing statement. The “Stream”- Line Pay system takes care of everything else.

    If you don’t like the service, you can cancel it by sending a written notice to the Village of Carol Stream by the 10th of the month. All of this information is explained to you on the reverse side of this document.

    So . . . . why wait? Get rid of the hassles of checkwriting and join the “Stream”- Line Pay program! Simply fill in the form below, and mail it to the Village of Carol Stream. If you have any questions, please call the Finance Department at (630) 871-6222.

    Click here for the form


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