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  • Chapter 9, Article 4 (Health Code - Trees) of the Carol Stream Village Code requires property owners to remove dead, diseased or infested (“nuisance”) trees located on private property. Village inspectors have resumed the process of identifying nuisance trees on private properties on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, and will soon begin contacting property owners to advise them that nuisance trees must be removed. You may hire a tree removal contractor on your own; however, you may wish to consider joining together with your neighbors to hire a single contractor to remove a larger number of trees, which may allow you to achieve better pricing. Before hiring a tree removal contractor, we suggest that you obtain the following:

    * Multiple contractor proposals  * Proof of insurance  * Written cost estimates
    * Formal agreement on disposal & cleanup  * References

    The Village of Carol Stream seeks your voluntary cooperation in the removal of nuisance trees from your private property in view of the hazards that such trees present throughout the community. The Village’s Public Works Department has removed over 2,600 trees from public parkways throughout the Village over the past several years, but property owners are responsible for the removal of trees on private property. Failure to remove such trees upon receipt of proper notice from the Village can result in the issuance of citations leading to possible fines. Please call Community Development at 630-871-6230 with any questions.  For a list of local arborists or for tips on how to select a tree service company, visit the Illinois Arborist Association web site at http://illinoisarborist.org.


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