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Solicitor Program Resumes

Post Date:06/25/2020 11:30 AM
As the Village enters Phase 4, we will begin approving commercial solicitor permits. All solicitors must have a Village Permit to show that they have passed a criminal background check. These permits can be approved for up to one year and the approved period will be displayed on the permit. 
There are a few limitations on which groups the Village can regulate with solicitor permits. The Village is unable to restrict first amendment rights of noncommercial solicitors such as religious organizations or political canvassers. These groups should still abide by your "No Solicitors" sticker and if any solicitors refuse to leave your property please call 911. The Village provides "No Solicitor" stickers in our Finance Department at Village Hall. 


A Village solicitor permit DOES NOT MEAN that the Village is endorsing a particular company, product, or service. As with any purchase, the Village recommends reviewing all contract language and completing all necessary research before committing to a product, company, or service. Occasionally a contractor, company, or energy supplier may claim they are the Village’s official partner. If the Village partners with a company the information will be on our website and/or sent to you by mail. At this time we are not partnered with any energy supplier, company, or contractor who is participating in solicitation. In the coming months you may see United States Census Bureau employees completing door to door Census follow up. These activities are not only approved by the Village; they are incredibly important towards local funding and political representation. You can verify the identity of a Census Employee by reviewing their badge or calling the Chicago Regional Office at 1-800-865-6384. 


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