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Snow Tips and Reminders

Post Date:01/11/2019 1:26 PM

Clearing snow routes to ensure safe passage for drivers, school busses, and emergency vehicles typically takes anywhere from 6-8 hours, depending on the snowfall’s severity. With over 200 lane miles and 300 cul-de-sacs in Carol Stream, snow and ice removal is a large undertaking requiring an efficient response.

An unavoidable, and unfortunate, consequence of our snow removal operations is when snow from the street ends up at the end of driveways. We understand the frustration this may cause. Here are some tips and reminders to help avoid some headaches- and backaches:

  • Clear about 10 feet of snow from the right side of your driveway (as you are facing it)
  • Pile the snow to the left of your driveway- downstream of plowing operations.
  • Remember, shoveling or blowing snow from your driveway onto the street is prohibited, and can also create hazardous conditions for drivers.
  • On-street parking is also prohibited after a one-inch snowfall until streets have been completely cleared of snow.
  • Never attempt to unclog a snow blower with your hands, even if it is off. Use a stick or broom handle instead.

snow area

As with any snow event, always plan ahead before you travel. Check the weather forecast and traffic and road conditions before you leave your home. For more tips, please visit the Snow and Ice section of our website.


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