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Pet Responsibility

Post Date:03/07/2019 11:56 AM
Pet owners are required to be in control of their dog(s) at all times and places within the Village. A dog found roaming without a collar and/or a current valid Village dog license may be impounded. A dog owner seeking to be reunited with their dog must first pay a $10 lost dog fine to the Village and any fees incurred by DuPage County Animal Control. The purchase of a current dog tag from the Village may also be required.   
A resident's dog may roam free on their property if enclosed by a fence whose height is sufficient to prevent the dog from escaping. In the absence of a fenced area,  a resident must restrain their dog(s) when outdoors with a collar and leash or chain securely attached to a run line or an anchor that keeps the dog on the premises. 


When taking your dog(s) on a walk in the neighborhood, dog owners must use a sturdy leash not more than 6 feet in length that is properly secured to a collar so it is completely under the owner's control. Pet owners are responsible for their pets and should plan accordingly. You may review the Village Code for more information to keep your furry friend safe and in compliance.
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