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Catch Basin Cleaning Program Begins

Post Date:07/11/2019 7:27 AM

Public Works Water/Sewer Division crews recently began a storm-sewer catch-basin cleaning program in Work Zone 6 (see map below- approximately bounded by Roy DeShane Elementary to the north, Kuhn Rd. to the west, North Ave. to the south, and Gary Ave. to the east.).

Work Zone 6

Program Goals

This program has three main goals:

1. Remove organic materials, like leaves and grass clippings, and other debris that accumulate in these basins.

When the basins are filled with stuff other than water, their ability to effectively and efficiently move stormwater through the collection system is reduced. In addition, the accumulated decaying organic debris in the basins can produce runoff of undesirable by-products, like nitrogen and phosphorous, into our streams and waterways. Our aim is to help reduce the chances of water pooling on streets and improve the water quality downstream.

 Catch Basin Before Cleaning   Catch Basin After Cleaning

2. Trained and certified Public Works staff will drop mosquito larvicide briquettes into cleaned basins.

These briquettes will settle at the bottom of the reservoir. By placing the briquettes at the bottom, instead of on top, of the previously filled basin, the larvicide will be more effective in controlling mosquito populations since they remain in each location for longer periods of time.

Mosquito Larvicide Briquette

3. Crews proactively inspect basins for any structural issues.

Any structural problems found will be placed on a repair list to prevent developing problems from turning into much larger (and expensive) repair or replacement projects.

Catch Basin Repair

There are around 400 catch basins in this zone, and cleaning work will continue through the summer and into the fall. If you have any questions, please call Public Works at 630-871-6260.  



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