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Village Projects

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Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Click here for an interactive map of the Village Projects for FY2020-21

Prior to May 1st of each year the Village adopts its Annual Budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year (FY) as required by law. The Annual Budget for FY2020-21 includes $6,717,000 in funds to address projects for constructing and maintaining the Village's capital infrastructure. This infrastructure includes roads, storm water systems, water distribution systems, and sanitary sewer collection systems, as well as facilities such as the Ross Ferrari Town Center, Village Hall, Public Works Facility, and various parking lots, just to name a few.

In addition to the Annual Budget, the Village prepares a comprehensive Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that assesses and plans for the Village’s capital infrastructure and facility needs over the next 5, 10 and 20 years. In addition to funds for construction and maintenance, the CIP also addresses funds for the studies and designs required to bring those projects to fruition. The near-term (following 2 Fiscal Years) from the CIP's projected budgets are also incorporated into each Annual Budget.

2020 Street Resurfacing Project

Click here for the 2020 Street Resurfacing Map 

The Village of Carol Stream has awarded the 2020 Flexible Pavement Street Resurfacing Project to Schroeder Asphalt Services, Inc.  The resurfacing of your street will include curb and sidewalk repairs where applicable, and then the removal and replacement of the street surface.  The contractor will begin curb and sidewalk repairs in April, weather permitting.  This project encompasses approximately seven miles of roadway throughout the Village and is planned to be finished in early September. A project map is included on the backside of this page.

The Contractor will be performing various forms of work on many streets throughout the Village.  Therefore, we highly encourage you to sign up to receive ongoing construction updates via email.  This is an efficient way for the Village to keep you as informed as possible on a regular basis of what work is scheduled to be performed. To sign up for construction updates, please visit  Remember unforeseen circumstances such as weather and construction issues make it difficult to provide an exact date when the contractor will be performing a particular task adjacent to your home.

This type of construction can generate some inconveniences to residents living along the roadway.  The Contractor will be instructed to provide access to your driveway as much as possible during work operations.  However, some exceptions will occur.  When new concrete curb or sidewalk is replaced adjacent to your driveway, you may lose access to your driveway for seven days or more while the concrete cures. While your driveway is inaccessible, arrangements are made to allow overnight parking on your street and neighboring streets.  You will not need to notify the Police Department for overnight parking on these nights.  The Contractor will notify you prior to undertaking work that may limit access to your driveway. You will find that when curbs and/or sidewalks adjacent to your driveway are repaired, a section of the driveway may be damaged.  The contractor will perform those driveway repairs after the installation of the new curb or sidewalk. 

Please drive carefully in the construction zone to avoid damage to your vehicle, and watch for construction personnel and equipment.  If you or anyone in your household is physically challenged and requires special arrangements, please call Engineering Services at (630) 871-6220.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this project.

Budget Update: Property Tax Discussion

Post Date:08/22/2019 1:11 PM
Updated Article 


The Village Board and staff have held several workshops, forums, and meetings to discuss our difficult financial outlook. In the next three years, funds to pay for infrastructure like roads, storm water and bike paths and state mandated pension payments would be depleted without a new revenue source.


Due to declines in sales taxes and other revenues, the Village has frozen expenditures, deferred purchases, and cut budget items that were previously approved. Over the past two years, these items totaled over $1.25 Million. The Village has reviewed different revenue options however; most are not able to generate a stable and reliable source of revenue to maintain current Village services and facilities. Revenue options discussed were an increase to the Home Rule Sales and Gas Taxes and re-implementation of a Property Tax. Unlike most communities in Illinois, Carol Stream Municipal Government has maintained balanced budgets without general obligation debt or for the past 40-years, a property tax. Carol Stream’s comparable communities receive 25% of their revenue from property taxes because it provides a consistent and reliable budget revenue.


The Village hosted two open forums to discuss a possible property tax on September 30th, one at 9 AM and a second at 6 PM, and a third forum on Sunday, October 6th at 9 AM. Thank you to everyone who participated in the public forums we very much appreciate your input. 


At the October 21st Village Board Meeting, a resolution was presented to levy a municipal property tax. For the first time in nearly 40 years, the Village requested a tax levy totaling $3,800,000. The Library requested a tax levy totaling $3,674,461 for 2019.  The estimated impact to the owner of a median valued home with a market value of $231,400 is $232 (Village) and $224 (Library).  This reflects a $232 increase for the Village and a $0 increase for the Library. A public hearing and final adoption of the tax levy are scheduled for the Village Board meeting of November 18, 2019.  Learn More.
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