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Water Bills

Post Date:09/05/2019 11:01 AM

Some Carol Stream water and sewer customers have experienced a higher July bill than they may have anticipated. This is due to several factors including billing cycle length, increased water usage, and increased billing rates.

The June water bill covered water use over 29 days; the July water bill covered 34 days which is 16% more usage days compared to June. The number of days in each billing cycle varies to some degree depending on when the Village meter reader drives by your home to collect a reading from your water meter. July was also drier than normal with 25 days over 85 degrees. July is often a month with increased usage due to yard watering, pool filling, car washing, and household guests.

The Village also increased the water rates on May 1, 2019 to fund future capital improvement projects. Even with the increased rates we are still among the least expensive communities for water and sewer service.

Water charges increased by $0.39 to $8.14 per 1,000 gallons consumed.

Sewer charges increased by $0.44 to $4.66 per 1,000 gallons of water consumed.

The average water/sewer cost increase to a family using 6,000 gallons of water each month is $4.98.

If you are concerned that your bill is incorrect you may contact our Water Billing Department at 630-871-6222.

You can learn more about your water bills here


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