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Severe Weather Preparedness

Post Date:03/02/2020 5:15 PM
Transitioning to spring increases the risk of severe weather and tornado activity. April, May and June have the most tornado touch downs in our state, averaging 25 in this period. Severe weather hazards also include thunderstorms and lightning. Seek shelter indoors if a storm approaches as there is no safe shelter outside.
During Severe Weather Preparedness Month, please follow the best practices below. Use a variety of early warning tools: Sirens, DuPage County Emergency Alert System – TV/Radio, CodeRed, and a Certified Weather Radio. Smart phone users can download preparedness apps by the American Red Cross, FEMA, and National Weather Service. Remember to review your shelter and evacuation plan, buy or restock your 72-hour go kit, and update your Emergency Contact list.
Property owners should also select a shelter like a basement, central windowless room, or utility room to use in severe weather. Drivers should not try to outmaneuver a funnel cloud; instead park the vehicle and move to a low-lying area like a culvert, outdoor shelter or commercial business.
Except when tested, sirens signal dangerous weather conditions and are ONLY activated if:
  • A trained weather spotter has observed a funnel cloud within a 5-mile radius of the Village.
  • A weather spotter observes damage to homes and/or businesses occurring in real time.
  • The National Weather Service determines the Village is in the path of a confirmed tornado or funnel cloud.
  • Sirens are not a reliable notice of severe weather for persons indoors.
By following these simple recommendations, we can all have a safer severe weather season.
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