When visiting the Municipal Center be sure to bring your face covering and to maintain 6 feet of separation from other guests. 

Green Carol Stream

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 Air Quality

The Air Quality Program alerts organizations to the local air quality forecast and helps citizens take action to protect their health. 

The Air Quality Index (AQI) reports how clean or polluted the air is, and what health effects may be a concern. The EPA provides the AQI for five major pollutants and has set standards for each to protect public health.

You can help keep the air cleaner! Businesses and residents can take voluntary actions to reduce air pollution. To learn more and to receive air quality notifications, please visit

power linesEnergy Conservation

Energy conservation is the practice of decreasing the quantity of energy used by efficient energy use or by reduced energy consumption.

The benefits of energy conservation include monetary savings, environmental protection, supporting the emerging Green Jobs market, and more.

Energy conservation is a driving force in research and development of renewable energy sources that in turn gives consumers greater flexibility. Residents and businesses looking for proven ways to reduce their energy use should reference the Alliance to Save Energy web site for a primer on energy reduction strategies.

Pond Shoreline RestorationNatural Environments

Carol Stream is fortunate to have many natural areas.

These natural areas can be wetlands, riparian (stream) corridors, ponds or lakes, native prairies and forests.

Some of these are naturally occurring while others are man-made, such as our naturalized pond shorelines that include bio-engineered wetlands and native prairie buffers.

Natural areas provide animal and insect habitat,lessen the amount of storm water runoff, and can provide flood storage - reducing flood damage. They can also help filter out storm water pollutants and prevent soil erosion, provide oxygen, cool the environment, provide recreational space, improve land values and lessen the overall impact of development. For these reasons and others it is important that Carol Stream maintain these valuable resources.

recycling facilityRecycling Initiatives

Recycling is the process of transforming old materials into new products.

Recyclables typically originate from homes, businesses and industry and include glass, paper, metal, textiles and plastics. Recycling is the third component of the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" waste hierarchy. Recycling is a simple way for you to have a positive impact on the global community.

The Village's curbside recycling program began in 1991 and the Village has since worked with our current hauler Flood Brothers Disposal Co. to expand the residential program by switching from 20-gallon bins to 65-gallon recycling toters. For questions concerning Carol Stream's recycling program visit our FAQ page or you may contact Administration at (630) 871-6250 or email

For more information, visit:

Pollution in waterVolunteer Programs

Volunteers play a significant role in improving the  environment in Carol Stream.

The Village has three programs where you can make an impact volunteering a few hours a year.


The Adopt-A-Highway program is a great way for friends, families, and community groups to come together and help Carol Stream stay clean!

How to participate:

  1. Organize volunteers
  2. Adopt a short stretch of roadway through the Village
  3. Pick-up roadside trash 4 times a year (We provide supplies like vests, pickers, bags, etc.)
  4. Place the full garbage bags near the roadside and we will dispose of them
  5. Have fun!

The Village will install an attractive street sign recognizing your participation. To sign up for this community service program, contact the Public Works Department at 630-871-6260 or

Pond Sweep

Volunteers have removed over 24 tons of trash from 218 miles of shorelines and stream banks! Every year volunteers pick up trash and debris along the shorelines and stream banks. Since 19

If you are interested in making a difference you may contact Engineering Services at (630) 871-6220 or email at The Village supplies the equipment (plastic bags and gloves) and will pick up the bags and dispose of them. All you need to do is show up at your assigned location at 9:00 a.m. and we can get to work!

Storm Drain Stenciling

Storm drain stenciling with the words "Dump No Waste! – Drains to Stream" is a way to educate and warn the public. Carol Stream allows volunteers to stencil our storm drains with environmentally friendly paint. If you wish to arrange a volunteer effort for storm drain stenciling, please contact our Engineering Department at (630) 871-6220.

raindropWater Resources

Storm Water 

Rain water that runs off surfaces instead of infiltrating or soaking into the ground is storm water runoff.

As this storm water runs off roofs, roads, parking lots, lawns, farm fields and other surfaces it picks up pollutants. These flow into our storm sewer system and dump into our ponds, streams, lakes and rivers.

These pollutants can come from many sources, including:

  • Automobile hydrocarbons
  • Lawn care fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
  • Snow fighting salt
  • Pet wastes

Carol Stream gets our drinking water from storm water runoff, also known as Lake Michigan. It's important that we not only protect our nation's fresh drinking water supply, but also protect our natural aquatic habitats.

Water Conservation

Carol Stream has policies to make sure water is used efficiently. Properties may only be watered, with a sprinkler system, on odd or even days lined up with the property's address. 

The sprinkling or watering of lawns, trees and other vegetation is prohibited between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily.  New lawns may be exempted from this provision, with Engineering Services approval.