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Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement

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The Village of Carol Stream has adopted and actively enforces a Property Maintenance Code. Why does the Village work proactively to make sure properties are properly maintained? In general, properties that are well maintained are more likely to increase in value, and are less likely to contain safety hazards.

How to Report a Suspected Property Maintenance Code Violation

You may call 630-871-6230 or complete our online Property Maintenance/Code Enforcement form to report a suspected violation. 

Common Property Maintenance Code Violations

Following are the most frequently observed Property Maintenance Code Violations:

  • Tall grass and weeds (over 8” in height)
  • Dead, diseased or infested trees
  • Inoperable or unlicensed motor vehicles
  • Accumulation of garbage or rubbish
  • Structural deterioration (fences, sheds, roofs, eaves/fascia)
  • Missing or non-weather tight windows or screens
  • Peeling, flaking or chipped paint
  • Tree branches, shrubs or other vegetation obstructing sidewalk
  • Improperly stored garbage or recycling containers (containers must not be visible from street when stored between collection days)
  • Outdoor storage of household or lawn maintenance appliances or equipment, household tools or equipment, construction tools or equipment, or construction materials, except when being actively used for a permitted or lawful project, may not be located in a front yard, side yard, or side yard adjoining a street

The Code Enforcement Process

When a Village inspector observes a violation of the Property Maintenance Code, the inspector will usually issue a Courtesy Notice to the property owner or responsible party. The Courtesy Notice, which will provide the name and contact information for the inspector issuing the notice, will identify the issue that needs to be corrected and the date by which the correction should be made. The recipient of a Courtesy Notice should contact the inspector to discuss the steps and schedule for correcting the violation. The exception to the practice of issuing a Courtesy Notice would occur when the inspector observes more serious conditions that present a threat to life, health or safety. In these cases, the inspector will issue a Violation Notice and the Village will seek immediate correction of the issue.

The Village’s goal is for violations to be corrected by the responsible party voluntarily; that is, without the Village having to issue a ticket or citation. The Village’s primary interest is compliance with the code, and not the collection of fines from non-compliant property owners. However, in cases in which a property owner fails to resolve a Property Maintenance Code violation in a timely manner, the Village will pursue compliance in the 18th Judicial Circuit Court. When the judge rules on the case in the Village’s favor, fines will be assessed against the property owner.