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Zoning & Comprehensive Plan

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The zoning district in which a property is located determines the lawful uses and specific development standards for that property. Properties in Carol Stream are zoned within one of three general categories: residential, business, or industrial. Each of these general categories is broken down further into specific zoning districts. Every property in the Village is assigned to a specific zoning district. To find the zoning district designation for a particular property, you may enter the property address into the Village’s interactive mapping application, click ‘Parcel Summary’ along the left hand column, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the zoning district. Click here to visit the Village’s interactive mapping application. To see the zoning of all properties across the entire Village, click here to download the Village’s zoning map.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan provides a blueprint or vision intended to guide future growth, development and land use decisions for a community. Developers, Village staff, Plan Commission / Zoning Board of Appeals members and the Mayor and Board of Trustees should refer to the policies, goals and objectives set forth in the Comprehensive Plan in making recommendations and decisions about land uses and developments.

Unlike zoning regulations, which provide the detailed list of rules that are currently applicable to a piece of property, the Comprehensive Plan does not contain firm or specific rules or regulations. Instead, the Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide to help the Village achieve future goals. After a multi-year process that involved several opportunities for public input and engagement, the Village Board adopted a new Comprehensive Plan for Carol Stream in 2016. The full Comprehensive Plan document can be downloaded by clicking this link.

In addition to making recommendations in the areas of housing, transportation, economic development and quality of life, the Comprehensive Plan studied three ‘Key Opportunity Areas’ in or near Carol Stream that are high priorities of the Village Board for future development or redevelopment. Detailed information for each Key Opportunity Area can be accessed below.

  • Key Opportunity Area 1– This area focuses on properties near the Village’s Ross Ferraro Town Center
  • Key Opportunity Area 2 – This area focuses on properties near the intersection of North Avenue and County Farm Road
  • Key Opportunity Area 3 – This area focuses on properties on North Avenue between Kuhn Road and Bennett Drive