When visiting the Municipal Center be sure to bring your face covering and to maintain 6 feet of separation from other guests. 

Engineering FAQs

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Can I fill my newly installed pool?

  • Can the Village install a stop sign to slow down the traffic on my street?

  • Can we obtain a conditional occupancy without all the improvements being completed, i.e. driveways, parking lots, lighting, landscaping, striping, final as-built, etc?

  • How can I sign up for the shoreline Clean-up Program?

  • How do I get my preservation bond back?

  • How long is it going to take to get my permit?

  • Is my neighbor's sump pump in conformance with the code?

  • What are parking lot requirements?

  • What are the driveway specifications?

  • What are your storm water regulations?

  • What can be done about icing on my street or sidewalk?

  • What can be done to fix the ponding in my yard?

  • What can we do with the wetlands on our property?

  • When is my street going to be reconstructed, paved, etc.?

  • When will my final survey be approved so that I can get my accessory permit?

  • Where is a specific utility located?

  • Why do we have to put up a preservation bond and how long does it take to get it back?

  • Why isn't my street light working?

  • Will my sidewalk and curb be replaced when my street is repaved?