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Lawn Sprinkling (aka Sod List)

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Required per Village of Carol Stream's Code of Ordinances § 13-3-29

The Village of Carol Stream has enacted an ordinance regulating the use of potable water for landscaping purposes under penalty of law. Exceptions to the regulations can be granted by submitting an application online or by calling Engineering Services at (630) 871-6220. The website Planet Natural provides tips on lawn care to assist in keeping your lawn healthy.


Village of Carol Stream's Code of Ordinances

Extracts from the Village's Code have been copied below for reference:

It shall be unlawful for any person to sprinkle or water lawns within the corporate limits of the village, except in accordance with the following guidelines.
   (A)   All persons owning or controlling property bearing an odd-numbered street address may use water for sprinkling or watering lawns on days having an odd-numbered calendar date.
   (B)   All persons owning or controlling property bearing an even-numbered street address may use water for sprinkling or watering lawns on days having  an even-numbered calendar date.
   (C)   The sprinkling or watering of lawns, trees and other vegetation is prohibited between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily.  New lawns may be exempted from this provision, subject to the approval of the Director of Engineering Services in accordance with the provisions of § 13-3-29.

   (A)   Except during an emergency called in the manner provided for in § 13-3-28, the area of an existing lawn being restored, but not replaced, newly sodded or seeded areas or the replacement of an entire lawn may be sprinkled all day on the date of installation until midnight and then each consecutive day for a period up to two weeks following the date of installation.
   (B)   The Engineering Services Department shall maintain a “Sod List” which contains the name, address and lawn installation/restoration date of persons wishing to water new or existing lawns. Any person wishing to water a new or existing lawn under the provisions of this section must contact the Engineering Services Department to request to have their name placed on the “Sod List” prior to watering their lawn outside of the odd-even daily restrictions.

§ 13-3-32  PENALTIES.
The owner or occupant of the premises where any violation of this article has occurred or any other person violating the provisions of the article shall be responsible for such violation and subject to a fine as set forth in Chapter 15, Article 4 of this Code; and, if the offense is of a continuing nature, each day that such violation shall continue or each occasion during a single day when such violation occurs after a person has been cited for a violation shall constitute a separate offense.