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Village Projects

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2020 Village Projects

2020 Street Resurfacing Project 

The Village of Carol Stream has awarded the 2020 Flexible Pavement Street Resurfacing Project to Schroeder Asphalt Services, Inc.  The resurfacing of your street will include curb and sidewalk repairs where applicable, and then the removal and replacement of the street surface.  The contractor will begin curb and sidewalk repairs in April, weather permitting.  This project encompasses approximately seven miles of roadway throughout the Village and is planned to be finished in early September. A project map is included on the backside of this page.

The Contractor will be performing various forms of work on many streets throughout the Village.  Therefore, we highly encourage you to sign up to receive ongoing construction updates via email.  This is an efficient way for the Village to keep you as informed as possible on a regular basis of what work is scheduled to be performed. To sign up for construction updates, please visit  Remember unforeseen circumstances such as weather and construction issues make it difficult to provide an exact date when the contractor will be performing a particular task adjacent to your home.

This type of construction can generate some inconveniences to residents living along the roadway.  The Contractor will be instructed to provide access to your driveway as much as possible during work operations.  However, some exceptions will occur.  When new concrete curb or sidewalk is replaced adjacent to your driveway, you may lose access to your driveway for seven days or more while the concrete cures. While your driveway is inaccessible, arrangements are made to allow overnight parking on your street and neighboring streets.  You will not need to notify the Police Department for overnight parking on these nights.  The Contractor will notify you prior to undertaking work that may limit access to your driveway. You will find that when curbs and/or sidewalks adjacent to your driveway are repaired, a section of the driveway may be damaged.  The contractor will perform those driveway repairs after the installation of the new curb or sidewalk. 

Please drive carefully in the construction zone to avoid damage to your vehicle, and watch for construction personnel and equipment.  If you or anyone in your household is physically challenged and requires special arrangements, please call Engineering Services at (630) 871-6220.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this project.

2020 Street Resurfacing Map

2019 Village Projects

The CIP budget for all twenty 2019 Village Projects is estimated at $9,517,000. The Village has created an interactive map to showcase the projects and studies which can be viewed at 2019 Village Projects.

Capital Improvement Program

Each year the Village develops a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) consisting of various projects and studies.  The CIP takes a comprehensive look at the Village’s infrastructure and facility needs for the next 5, 10, and 20 years.  A CIP is a multi-year plan that forecasts spending for all anticipated capital projects.  The CIP enables the Village to identify needed capital projects, prioritize their timing and coordinate their financing.  An effective CIP consists of both an administrative process to identify the location, scale and timing of needed capital projects and a fiscal plan to provide for the funding of those projects.

The CIP links the Village’s capital planning and budgeting functions.  The CIP can help implement past policy decisions by establishing priorities among existing and competing capital needs and can also be used to measure and evaluate the merits of new proposals.

Traditionally, a CIP covers a period of 5-6 years.  Because a dedicated and reasonably predictable funding source has not been identified to fund the long-term replacement and rehabilitation of general infrastructure assets, the scope of this document is expanded to provide a longer-term perspective.  Therefore, the plan, also includes a 6-10 year look with estimated costs, and an 11-20 year projection of possible future projects.  This is intended to better assist the Village Board in the planning and decision-making process.