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Property Tax

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Carol Stream property tax bills are issued by DuPage County on May 1st of each year for the preceding tax year (e.g. tax bills issued in 2020 apply to 2019 taxes).  Your property tax bill is made up of payments to a number of separate local government units including county, township, village, library, fire district, park district, and various school districts.  

Tax bills are computed based on the assessed value of your property (less applicable exemptions) multiplied by a tax rate.  Learn more about the assessment process HERE.  The tax rate you pay depends on where you live within the Village.  There are thirteen (13) different tax codes and tax rates within Carol Stream that represent the various combinations of taxing bodies that operate within Carol Stream's boundaries.

Village Property Tax

Since the 1970s, Carol Stream has been one of very few communities in DuPage County that have provided Village services without the use of a property tax.  Beginning in 2019 (for property tax bills issued in 2020), the Village approved a property tax levy in the amount of $3,800,000.  This followed a lengthy public outreach and hearing process that spanned seven (7) meetings over a four (4) month period.  Struggling sales tax collections in a rapidly changing retail environment combined with sustained reductions in State-shared revenues and cost increases in State mandates have threatened the Village's ability to properly fund its long-range Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  Now at 60 years old, the Village must ensure it is able to meet the rehabilitation and maintenance needs of its vast network of aging infrastructure assets.  

Where Your Property Taxes Go

The illustration below shows how your 2019 tax bill (paid in 2020) is allocated among the various taxing districts in Carol Stream.  2019 Propert Tax Graphic

Municipal Property Tax Rate Comparison

Carol Stream's 2019 property tax rate of 0.2882 per $100 of property assessed value remains at the low end of all municipalities in DuPage County.2019 DPC Municipal Tax Rates

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