Weather Alert:

Refuse pickup will begin at 6:00 AM on Thursday and Friday due to extreme heat. Contact Flood Brothers at (630) 261-0400 with any questions.


A precautionary boil order is in effect for Elk Trail Center Plaza ONLY. Visit or call Public Works at 630-871-6260 for details

Water and Sewer Billing

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The Village purchases and distributes more than 1 billion gallons of Lake Michigan water annually to Carol Stream residents and businesses.  The Village also owns, operates and maintains a sanitary sewage collection system and treatment facility that serves most of Carol Stream.  

The Village sets water and sewer rates annually in an amount sufficient to cover operational and capital maintenance costs of these public utility systems and bills approximately 11,000 residential and commercial accounts monthly.

Water and sewer bills are issued monthly by the Village Finance Department water billing division.