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Recycle Your Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications

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Rx Box LogoResidents with unused, unwanted and/or expired pharmaceuticals can drop them off inside the Carol Stream Police Department lobby. This environmental initiative is a partnership between the Village and the DuPage County Department of Environmental Concerns to reduce the levels of pharmaceutical contamination that have been found in natural streams as well as public drinking water supplies. Pharmaceuticals that are flushed down the toilet make their way into our water supply causing harm to fish and wildlife and may harm people who tap the Great Lakes for their drinking water. Conventional sewage treatment methods were not designed to remove this type of contamination.

In addition to environmental protection, unintentional poisoning is the 2nd leading cause of accidental injury in our country which includes accidental drug overdose. This Rx recycling program seeks to reduce the incidence of accidental overdose that occurs in homes that have inadvertently stockpiled old and unused prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Pharmaceuticals Accepted

Includes both prescription drugs as well as over the counter (OTC) medication. Residents are asked to empty their unwanted prescription and OTC medications into a sealed leak-proof bag to prevent spillage. Prescription or over-the-counter liquid medications such as, children’s antibiotics or cough suppressants should remain in their bottles and placed in a leak-proof bag. Removal of the medications from their original vials will reduce a resident’s risk for use of their personal information. Please note that controlled substances are discouraged from being dropped off, however, they will be accepted without questions or condition.

Pharmaceuticals Not Accepted

Includes medical sharps and needles, radioactive medicines or household chemical wastes. Information on sharps and needle disposal can be found at DuPage County's Recycling Guide, in the Medications Section.

Properly Dispose of Your Pharmaceuticals

  • Don’t flush pharmaceuticals down the toilet or sink, rather bring them to the Police Department lobby
  • Do not drop off used/expired prescription medication in their original vials
  • All medications in pill form should be poured into a leak-proof bag while prescribed or OTC liquid medications should remain in their original bottle and also placed in a leak-proof bag
  • Only purchase the quantity of OTC and prescription medication you absolutely need to reduce the chances of stockpiling expired pharmaceuticals in your home
  • Place all your pharmaceuticals in one secure location so you can monitor their inventory