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Wipes Clog Pipes

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Do NOT Flush Wipes or Other Sanitary Goods

Keep our Sewers Healthy and Flowing 

Now, more than ever, it is important to maintain good hygiene best-practices. With the increased demand for sanitary and first aid wipes, especially with some reports of toilet paper shortages, Public Works reminds everyone of the importance to also properly dispose of wipes, and other sanitary goods, so you and your sewer pipes stay healthy.

Most Public Works and Sewer utilities, including ours, are working split shifts during this pandemic. This means that there are reduced numbers of workers in the field which will impact response times. You never want a sewer back up, especially now when a quick repair will not be possible!

Why Can't I Flush "Flushable" Wipes?

The marketing of products claiming to be “flushable” is technically accurate – you can flush them down the toilet. But this is when the trouble starts. These wipes, along with other household products marketed as disposable or flushable, DO NOT break down in the sanitary sewer system, but DO clog your interior plumbing, your service line, sewer mains, pump stations, and screens at the Water Reclamation Center where the sewer water is treated. 




Often times these clogs occur in a home or business’ private sewer service line which connects to the public sewer system. This private connection is the home or business owner’s responsibility to keep clear in order to avoid wastewater back-up. If the private sewer service line becomes blocked, it can leave the owner with a hefty repair bill.  If the lift station pumps become fully clogged, homes in the area will experience sewage backups. 

What Should I Flush?

To help save you and the sewer utility from these repair and replacement costs, please DO NOT flush any consumer item that is not toilet paper.

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