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The State of Illinois has approved the use of recreational cannabis (with restrictions), beginning Jan. 1, 2020. House Bill 1438 approved the use and possession of cannabis in Illinois, including Carol Stream, beginning on January 1, 2020 for adults 21 years of age and older. This law does not alter or affect the provisions the Village Board added to the Zoning Code in 2014 related to medical cannabis dispensaries or cultivation centers.

On October 21st 2019, the Village Board provided preliminary support  for opting in to recreational cannabis sales in Carol Stream. Staff was directed to provide zoning recommendations to the Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals. The Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals reviewed the proposed recommendations at a public hearing on November 25th, 2019. The Zoning Code text amendment proposed to allow a cannabis dispensary as a Special Use in the B-3 Service District and B-4 Office, Research, and Institutional Building District, and cannabis cultivation centers and other growing and processing establishments as Special Uses in the Industrial District. The Special Use approval process requires the use to go through a public hearing approval process, and allows for specific regulations to be placed on the use, such as security measures, signage, product display, odor control, and traffic/parking studies. Below is more information on cannabis in the Village of Carol Stream.

At the December 16, 2019 Village Board meeting, Special Use regulations were ultimately adopted for adult-use cannabis dispensaries in the B-4 District, but adult-use cannabis growing establishments were prohibited in the Industrial District.

Since the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (CRTA) went into effect on January 1st, the Village has received numerous inquiries for craft growing establishments. At the February 3, 2020 Village Board meeting, staff was directed to amend the Zoning Code to allow adult-use cannabis cultivation centers and craft growers as Special Uses in the Industrial District, and present the proposed code amendment at an upcoming Plan Commission public hearing for review.

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  • When was cannabis made legal in Illinois?

  • Can the consumption/possession of cannabis be banned by the Village of Carol Stream?

  • Will the Village have any regulatory abilities?

  • What regulatory abilities, if any, do business owners and landlords have?

  • How many recreational cannabis licenses would be issued in Carol Stream?

  • How will the Village manage public safety at these dispensary locations?

  • Who can legally purchase and consume cannabis?

  • Who can legally grow and sell recreational cannabis?

  • What will the Village’s role be in the licensing process?

  • How much cannabis may an individual possess?

  • What action is required by the Village Board to allow recreational cannabis to be sold in Carol Stream?

  • Will cannabis consumption be allowed in public spaces?

  • Where will consumption be allowed?

  • Where is consumption prohibited?

  • Are there any changes to existing medical cannabis laws?

  • Is the sale of medical cannabis currently allowed in Carol Stream? If so, where?

  • How is cannabis taxed?

  • How will the potential tax revenue generated be used?

  • How will the potential tax revenue from the (3%) tax be used by Carol Stream?

  • How do federal laws affect Illinois’ law?

  • How does recreational cannabis affect criminal records?

  • What are some potential impacts to the State’s decision to allow recreational marijuana use when it comes to policing?

  • What efforts will the Village take in communicating to the public about this topic?